About Us



Midland Hi Fi Studios was formed in 1979 to address the needs of the music lover primarily in the West Midlands but offering nationwide service. From the start seeking to source the finest audio from the UK and the rest of the world. In the context of the West Midlands we were instrumental in bringing such products as:


We staged unique Hi-Fi shows at Himley Hall Dudley, Conaught Hotel Wolverhampton, Civic Hall Green Room Wolverhampton, the great customer feedback that followed was truly gratifying.

We have always offered a full service working with local contracts to give a professional finish to all installations whether Commercial or Domestic. Our intention is to provide the best advice whether the customers preference is for vinyl, CD or computer music replay. Whether two channel , multi-room or home cinema we offer the latest innovations in solid state and valve equipment.


We have always sort to offer the best value for money equipment no matter what the target price bracket maybe. Throughout the years we have remained loyal to a great number of products and their distributors without whose support and back up we would be unable to give the quality service we aspire too.


Our greatest accolade is that we still deal with a great number of our original customers, their siblings and friends.


To keep everyone up to date in terms of a great new recording discovered or a remarkable piece of equipment we offer visit our news page.