Caspian M2

Roksan Caspian M2

Integrated Amplifier

Midland HiFi Studio - Key Information



"Sophistification" is the

word to describe the sound,

the build and the ethos

of the company behind 

this delightful integrated

Roksan Integrated Amplifier Caspian M2 - Front View
Roksan Integrated Amplifier Caspian M2 - Rear View

Overview & Features

Like its CD Player brother, the Caspian Integrated has received numerous awards and five star reviews from around the globe for its sophisticated, yet powerful and grippy performance.



- New, modern, timeless aesthetics

- New stainless steel cover

- High quality Mains inlet filter

- Full functional Roksan LCD system remote control (RMX-108)

- 85 Watts/Channel into 8Ω,125 W/Ch into 4Ω

- New on board output protection circuit with high current relays

- Five line inputs plus tape input and output

- First input switchable to balanced XLR

- Independent Preamplifier stage Power Supply

- Thermally controlled fan assisted heat-sink cooling

- Upgarded components and circuitry

- Motorised volume control with LED position indicator

- 20dB mute function

- 2 pre-amplifier output

- Power amplifier input (requires internal work for activation)

- 350VA ultra low noise, low leakage Toroidal transformer

- 60VA ultra low noise, low leakage Toroidal transformer for Preamplifier Power Supply

- Short circuit protection

- Power supply failure detection

- Pre power-up diagnostic check

- Gold plated input RCA & XLR connectors and speaker binding posts

Technical Specification


- Line Level (x 5)

- Phono Input (MM Only)

- Bluetooth

- Bypass

- BluetoothaptX® Technology


Input Impedance: 

- 47kΩ


Line Input Sensitivity: 

- 440mV @ 140W / 8Ω



- Speaker (L & R)

- Preamplifier

- Headphone


Channel Separation

- 100dB @ 1kHz

- 80dB @ 20kHz


Output Power

- > 140W (8Ω)

- > 220W (4Ω)


Power Supply

- 550VA Toroidal Transformer

- 5 Regulated Supply Rails


Frequency Response: 

- <3Hz – >100kHz (-3dB)



- 37.5dB (75x)


Harmonic Distortion: 

- <0.005% (1kHZ – 14W @ 8Ω)


Power Consumption

- Standby: <25W

- Full Power 2-CH: 8Ω = <330W, 4Ω = <550W


Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 

- >90dB (Line Input)


Dimensions (W x D x H): 

- 432 x 380 x 102mm (Incl. Feet)



- 14kg