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Overview & Features

The BasX CD-100 combines a precision digital CD transport and a superb quality DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in one convenient and attractive package. The advanced engineering, quality construction, and powerful laser engine in the CD-100 ensure true audiophile performance; whether you use the CD-100 as a transport or as a complete audio source component.


On the outside, the solid aluminum face plate and steel chassis on the CD-100 combine elegant good looks and rugged reliability. The precision tray-loading disc mechanism handles your discs gently and carefully, and the CD-100 can be operated by either the full function remote control or the front panel transport buttons.


Inside, careful layout and extra shielding provide even more protection against interference, vibration, and jitter. And the new upgraded DAC is powered by a sophisticated, well filtered multi-stage power supply, allowing the CD-100 to deliver truly phenomenal audio quality.


Whether you use the BasX CD-100 as a precision bit-perfect digital CD transport, or connect the analog output of its advanced DAC to your preamp, we’re certain the CD-100 will elevate your CD listening experience to the next level.


BasX Performance

The BasX CD-100 delivers real audiophile sound quality – and we’ve got the specs to back that up. The analog outputs have a frequency response that’s flat from 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.35 dB, with a THD of less than 0.08%, and an IMD of less than 0.006%. The digital outputs deliver bit-perfect standard Coax and Toslink optical S/PDIF digital audio signals. The CD-100 plays both commercial CDs, and CD-R discs recorded on your computer, including Red Book audio CDs, CDs with HDCD encoding, and discs containing stereo MP3 files.


BasX Quality

The BasX CD-100 is built to last, with a heavy-duty steel chassis, solid milled aluminum faceplate, and high-quality parts and construction… We expect you to enjoy your BasX CD-100 for a long time – and we back that up with a full three-year warranty.


BasX: The Foundation of a Superb Audio System

The goal of putting together an exceptional audio system is to enrich your life with outstanding sound. It’s all about playing the music. It isn’t about spending a lot of money, or solid gold knobs or jewel encrusted remote controls. And you don’t need all sorts of complicated features you’re never going to use. The key to building a great audio system is to use well-designed components with excellent technical performance and superb sound quality. Every Emotiva BasX component has been designed from the ground up to be part of an excellent audio system. They incorporate the latest cutting edge technology and all the features you need to give you the best possible listening experience.


Why is BasX so special?

As a leading manufacturer of home audio equipment, we’ve noticed that a lot of people still don’t have high-quality audio in their lives. Some folks don’t have the budget to buy good equipment, while others don’t have the time to spend trying to figure out how to use it – and that’s exactly why we developed our new Emotiva BasX products. Our BasX components combine great sound quality, a carefully chosen set of genuinely useful features, and rock solid performance, with a simple yet elegant design.


This unique combination allows us to offer a combination you just can’t find anywhere else – great sound and great value. All of the components in our new BasX line are priced to be within reach of every music lover. You don’t need to be rich to afford them, and you don’t need to be an engineer to figure out how to use them. They’re carefully crafted to give you many years of reliable and trouble-free service, and they’ll look great in your living room or on your audio rack.


You can build a complete music system out of our BasX components that will give you a true audiophile listening experience. Or try adding one or two BasX components to round out your existing audio system. Great sounding audio doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.




Audiophile Grade CD Handling

Support for standard CD audio formats; the CD-100 plays Red Book audio CDs, including the Red Book audio layer on hybrid SACDs, HDCDs, and MP3 digital audio files, on both commercial CDs and computer-recorded CD-R discs.

A high-reliability tray loading mechanism that handles discs consistently and reliably.

A powerful laser mechanism that enables the CD-100 to read even damaged discs that frustrate other players.


Flexible Output Options And Great Sound

The CD-100 includes both Toslink optical and Coax electrical S/PDIF digital outputs. As a transport, the CD-100 delivers a bit-perfect audio signal from its digital audio output directly to the input on your DAC or processor.


As a complete CD Player, the CD-100 delivers superb sounding analog audio from its Cirrus Logic CS4398 Advanced Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma DAC to the line level inputs on your preamp or processor.


Intelligent Display And Control Options

High visibility blue alphanumeric VFD status display – makes it easy to tell what’s playing, even from across the room.


Front panel transport controls with blue halo illumination – make it easy to operate the CD-100 directly, without reaching for the remote control.


The included full function remote control lets you operate the controls on the CD-100 without getting out of your favorite listening seat.


High-Quality Parts And Construction For Years Of Reliable Service

Advanced power supply technology, including multiple independent and well filtered linear power supplies for analog and digital circuitry.


Reinforced steel chassis for rugged reliability and isolation from vibration.


Motorized CD loading tray for smooth CD loading.


Universal Line Voltage Operation

The CD-100 is designed to operate on either 115 VAC or 230 VAC at 50/60 Hz, and automatically detect and configure itself to operate with your local line voltage.


Great Sound – Now And For Years To Come

An industry leading warranty* ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your CD-100 for years to come.



* The warranty on the BasX CD-100 covers the electronics for a period of three years, and the transport mechanism and remote control for one full year.

Technical Specification

Supported Formats

The BasX CD-100 can be used to play all standard (Red Book) audio CDs, including:

Pre-recorded commercial audio CDs (standard; Red Book).

Audio CDs recorded on a computer or CD recorder (CD-Rs).

Audio CDs recorded in the HDCD audio format.

The Red Book CD layer on Hybrid SACDs.

The BasX CD-100 can also play MP3 files recorded on pre-recorded CDs or CD-Rs.

The CD-100 CANNOT play:

DVD-Audio discs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs.

Surround sound content recorded on any type of disc.

Audio files on pre-recorded or computer recorded discs other than those listed.

Non-hybrid SACDs (SACDs with only a DSD/SACD layer).

Audio files on computer-recorded DVD-R or Blu-Ray discs.

Audio Outputs

1 pair; stereo unbalanced analog audio outputs (RCA).

1; Coax digital S/PDIF audio output (RCA).

1; Toslink optical S/PDIF digital audio output (Toslink connector).

Analog Audio Performance

Audio Output Level:

+7.5 dBV (2.35 V RMS); unbalanced analog audio outputs.

Frequency Response:

20 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 0.35 dB.


< 0.007% @ 1 kHz.

< 0.08% (20 Hz – 20 kHz).

IMD (SMPTE 4:1):

< 0.006%.


< 90 dB.

Phase Deviation:

< 0.4 degrees (20 Hz – 20 kHz).


10.5 pounds (unboxed)

15 pounds (boxed)

Power Requirements

Power Requirements:

100 – 240 VAC; 50/60 Hz.



17” wide x 3-1/2” high x 13” deep (unboxed).

21” long x 7” high x 17-1/2” deep (boxed).


10.5 lbs (unboxed).

15 lbs (boxed).