Caspian M2

Roksan Caspian M2

CD Player

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Overview & Features

About This Product

The award winning Caspian CD Player has become one of the best-known products in British audio. Still the choice among many aficionados, it’s one of the finest players on the market for its price.

Technical Specification

Operating System

CD digital audio system (CD, CD-R, CD-RW)


Frequency Response

20Hz – 20kHz ± 0.2dB


Harmonic Distortion

< 0.0015% @ 0dB, 1kHz (Typically 0.0005%)

< 0.005% @ -30dB, 1kHz

< 0.01% @ 0dB, 20kHz


Intermodulation Distortion

< 0.001% @ 0dB (Typically 0.0005%)


S/N Ratio (IHF-A Wtd.)  

105 dB


Wow & Flutter

Quartz precision


Channel Separation

>100 dB @ 1kHz

>100 dB @ 20kHz


Output Voltage



Analogue Outputs

L&R, RCA Gold plated

L&R Balanced XLR Gold plated


Digital Outputs

75 Ohm Coaxial, RCA Gold plated

110 Ohm Balanced AES/EBU, XLR Gold plated

Optical, Toslink


D/A Conversion

PCM1798 Advace Segment, Audio-Stereo DAC



24 bits / 192 kHz



3rd Overtone Oscillation



Super precision, custom made


Mechanical Isolation

Main chassis de-coupling feet, custom made

Laser mechanism 2 stage de-coupling



<130 psec (Typically <70 psec)


Idle Pattern

<-105 dB


Stop band Rejection

<-95 dB


Power Supply

Two high performance low noise toroidal transformers

12 fully regulated power rails


Power Source (Not Switchable)

100V – 120V 50Hz / 60Hz

220V – 240V 50Hz / 60Hz


Power Consumption

< 20 W



432 x 330 x 70 (WxDxH) mm

432 x 330 x 80 (including feet)