Phono Box RS

Project Phono Box RS

Phono Stage

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Overview & Features

Highend phono preamplifier


Reference class phono preamplifier with unique impedance control


This ultra low noise and distortion preamplifier is made for the audio conniosseur and offers not only breathtaking performance but is capable to adapt to virtually any phono cartridge through variable impedance control. Impedance adjustment can be done while playback! Due to use of best parts, like SSM2019 from Analog Devices as input stages and Linear Technology LT1010 as high current buffer stage, Phono Box RS delivers ultra low levels of distortion and noise. Its very low output impedance makes it insensitive to selection of interconnect cables and lenghts.


Fully passive RIAA and DECCA equalisation is selectable. Phono Box RS offers fully balanced circuitry and both XLR and RCA inputs and outputs. All in all vinyl playback will never have sounded as clear, detailed and smooth, than with this superlative phono stage!



MM & MC capable

True dual mono design

Balanced XLR & unbalanced RCA In & Outputs

Fully passive RIAA & DECCA equalisation

Unique continously variable input impedance loading, matches every cartridge (adjustment even while playing)

RCA & XLR In & Out

Superior low noise / low distortion

Classy & elegant dip switched

DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)

Metal casing protects against vibration and interference

Available in silver or black

Technical Specification

Input impedance:

Fixed  10 Ohms or 47kOhms,

Variable 10 - 1200 Ohms


Load capacity switchable:

100pF, 200pF, 300pF, 420pF, 520pF


Output impedance: 

50 Ohms


Gain, MM / MC:  RCA:

40, 50, 60 dB XLR: 46, 56, 66 dB


Signal to noise ratio:

91 dBA





RIAA accuracy:

within 0.3dB/20Hz - 20kHz



20Hz / - 12 dB








Power supply: 

2 x 18V/300mA DC; 220 - 240V, 50Hz


Power consumption: 

150mA DC < 1 watt standby


Dimensions W x H x D (with sockets): 

206 x 72 x 210 mm



2000 g without power supply