A Series

Monopulse A Series


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Overview & Features

Design Objective

MonoPulse loudspeakers have the primary objective of realism and precise imaging by synchronism of the impulses and musical leading edges in sounds. The Model A is also a top quality hi-fi loudspeaker in all other respects, featuring power handling of 550 watts max, and 20Hz bass.



The achieve synchronism, MonoPulse uses unique asymmetric crossovers and precisely offset drive-units. The Kevlar cone, 200mm LF units have 4-layer voice coils and a 40oz magnets, giving maximum power handling of 550 watts. The in-room bass, with the 20 litre box-volume and a reflex tuning point of 32Hz, extends to 20Hz. The 28mm neodymium HF units are ferrofluid cooled and silk-domed, with a response to 22kHz. The HF circuit is fourth-order, using only film capacitors and air-spaced coils, giving 24dB per octave attenuation below 4kHz, for a short crossover-span and good protection of the HF unit.